Jesus came and died.
Temple’s veil was torn when he died.
From top until bottom.
Signifies that it was all done,
Sign that it was all gone.

To those MAN OF GOD whose reading this article.. this is for you.

You might be in the season of waiting..You might be in the season of trusting God.You might be praying for the one.

Or you’ve already found the one whom your praying for long time..

Indeed I applaud you. You’ve become a man of God by having perseverance and courage to God in all matters, most in the matter of ‘Love’.

Bro, you whose in the season of waiting.
Keep your head and faith high, for God will surely give your heart’s desire. As you wait do everything your spirit wants you to do. Learn to be more aware of how God can move in your life. Also, Season of waiting is the season of training. Fix everything you think doesn’t seem right for you. In attitude, character, in faith and everything about you.
Before entering new commitment, commit first to love God. Go beyond deeper into his words, and do what you think is pleasing in God’s eye.

God has made everything beautiful in His own time. Still in the end it is always worthy to wait long than to marry wrong. In your season embrace everything God is teaching you. Be ready to become A MAN OF GOD.

For those who are in the season of trusting God. Continue what you’re doing. As Proverbs 3:5-6 says. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him and he will direct your paths.

Someone said to me that Proverbs 3:5-6 is one of his life verse. That time when I meditate on those words. God gave me some ellumination, trusting God is simply acknowledging him and knowing that He is the one who is in charge in your life. That trusting God is about letting God to handle the matters of your lives and not your wills may prevail but His. I might didn’t know in what areas of your lives, you needed to trust in God.. but if its in Love. Bro. Trust him. I don’t know maybe you’re on the rough road with your partner. Trust God. All things work together for good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose.

For those praying for their “THE ONE”. Be “THE ONE” first.

Some prays like this..

“Lord is she the one for me?

“Lord give me sign if she’s the one.”

“Lord I want her to be my the one”

And all other prayers. Those petitions can be illustrated in some ways. First,
You’re asking God, if she’s the one without even knowing her background. Let say for example (maybe you heard already this story) a story of a man who’s new in a church. He saw a woman playing piano and said “finally she’s the one”. He come to the woman and said “Oh lovely woman, the spirit told me that you are my ‘the one’. And then the woman said to the man. ” Asked also the spirit what will I do to that Pastor whose my husband?”.
This scenario might be too embarrassing for the man but indeed it happened. The point here is.. You must first know her.

Emotions and Feelings is not also the basis for you to know if she’s the one.

Second, Why bother asked God for bread knowing God can give a humburger.

Why bother asked for a sign instead of trusting the sign giver? And lastly let say for example you’re a wind. You want to go on the beach, on the room, or on some places. But you can’t go because there is God who knows where will you go.

Why force yourself? There is God who knows what is best for you.
Instead of praying for the one. Pray to God to become the one.

For those who received already their answered prayers. I applaud you for those thousand prayers you lifted to God day and night for her. You’ve surpassed all those challenges. You’ve received your missing rib.
Your in the stage of torning her veil. How did I say so? Its because torning veil is somewhat knowing her even more.

The First woman in the Bible who used veil is Rebekah (Gen. 24:65)

What I got through this story is that she hide herself in veil for Isaac not to easily recognize her, and for Isaac to know her even more as he torn the veil.

As you slowly torn her veil you will know much more about her. This is what I knew.

Every woman has their own secrets, hidden characteristics, craziness, and has their own personalities etc.

I know someone, she doesn’t want to introduce all of herself to a man or to anyone.

Like her attitudes, characters, her faith, her hobbies and everything about her she doesn’t want just to tell in a fast story but she wanted them to know her. She was letting them to do on their own ways how can they know her. After all in building relationships it takes time.

Torning her veil is not that easy but if you really wanted to know her, and you are persistent. You must know how to torn her veil, and easily you can know it for she will let you show who she really is.
As you torn her veil and saw her flaws and imperfections, I plead you. Love her even more. Accept and embrace her even more.

I know it takes a lot of prayers, patience and trust in God to be fully equipped for this day.
Your journey is not that easy.
Your efforts are not in vain.

I thank you for standing on the truth and having faith in God.
Thank you for you didn’t give up torning her veil.

And when God saw everything was already unveiled. Maybe that was the time He will do much more in your lives. Who would have thought? God can follow up that with a wedding which you will really remove the real veil.

Removing the veil is like knowing and developing our character because in the end God wants for all of us is to bear Christlikeness that God’s ultimate goal for our lives here on earth is not comfort but to develop our character.

Man of God Thank You. I thanked you.
Love her when you have her. Be a man that will lead her closer to Jesus. Be a man of God that will protect her, love her, teach her and live with her, promise me you’ll never leave her. Promise me..


A/N.Photo credits to the owner.

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