Let us begin with the story of a child and a toy whose name is Andy and Woody from the movie “Toy Story”.

Since then when Andy is still a kid, Woody is his pal. Not just Woody but with other toys. When Andy is about to move in College (Toy Story 3), I don’t know but I realized something from the scene that Andy is giving his toys to Bonnie.

That in life we really need to grow and grown up.

We are ain’t getting younger. We must learn to let go of things, people, situations and feelings that we know won’t help us.

To those 90’s buddies out there this one is for you.


Ironically speaking, but this one is very timely.

When we are still young we ought to play and play and play without thinking any problems except for a lost toy, dropped ice cream, bruises on our knees when we fall down, etc.

Days passed by, we tend to be more aware of everything that is happening around us. We entered elementary, we become more friendly and was still thinking as a kid, then we goes secondary by which at this age, we tend to hold on and percieved things the way it is, also this was the time we’re just enjoying it, by making new friends, creating memories, breaking the parent’s rules, tend to live on the mantra “You only live once” and other stuffs. Then things becomes more and more quiet complicated, the undecided courses we pursues on tertiary, or maybe you already done it. College life prepares us to what we call reality in life. And this what I meant NEW PHASE, a new phase by which everyone of us must go and build up not just for ourselves, not just for our families but to other people and mostly for God’s Glory. Changes will literally come and we can never withhold that, because surely it will come. Most people, they call it as “#ADULTING

In Adulting life it is not just growing old, but growing up. -Ptr. Ryan M. Custodio

By this time, by this age, we must grow up. Changing the lives, making the godly decisions, forgetting those childish ways and embracing a new phase of maturity and sense of responsibility.

Thinking about those people around us, most specially the closest ones, We can slowly see them walking upon their own pathways of carrers, places, and situations. Some of them, move from other places, some of them have their own works far from your town, some of them is already embracing and taking full responsibility since they are on Adulting stage of their lives.

If you are in the situation, as if you feel left out, never think of that because your journey and their journey will be always unique from each other.

From the mean time, maybe most of you are still confused and unsure of what you’re about to do, I tell you, you’re not alone in that situation. But despite of every battles you must be facing off, just focus on your own path and run your own race with perseverance. Never look on others race, if you do, you’ll never finish yours. Never look back also. You may fall but always rise.

Yes you are doing your work, working hard for your dreams. Helping those whose in need. But life does not end on it. We must always think of the life after all of this.

Luke 9:25

And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but are yourself lost or destroyed?

Never forget, the ‘life’ after all. Your spiritual life and your relationship with the Lord. Nevertheless you’ll just shadowboxing.

Whatever may happen, we must have a heart that is always open for any possibilities. Open for corrections and improvements. Having no expectation on people, but expectant to God. Not putting hope on the world but on God. In the end He nows it all. Don’t loose your trust on Him. Don’t loose you eyes on Him. But always lift up your head and focus your eyes on Jesus. Thus, fear him because,

Proverbs 9:10

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

To God be All the Highest Glory!

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