Things that you’ve lost will be eventually your gain. It may be ironic but to tell you honestly it is sure. What you’ve lost is your gain. A year ending blog post.

Most people on this season is now posting different kinds of “Thank You for the lessons 2019” whether it is on Twitter, Facebook or other social media accounts. On this blog post I will give a story of someone who learned and change a lot for this year.

Once in a while, as we all know how to enjoy things even though it is not worth it, we tend to keep enjoying it. a so called Christian, but I became a carnal Christian loving the things of this world, following the emotions and letting it be driven, ungodly decisions etc. I felt like being a monster being lost enjoying the things of this world. But apparently as I have said, it is not worthy. It was not peaceful, it was destroying. It all started when I am so focused on a relationship by which isn’t not true, isn’t not godly, isn’t acceptable. Without permission of my parents, I’ve learned to sneak on our house 11pm until 4am to be with boy, whom also called Christian, but also a carnal Christian, just to stay at the beach at the midnight. I became confused, I became anxious, I’ve lost my identity and I had identity crisis. Days passed by, I know God is still moving even though I am not fully aware of it. I know the Holy Spirit is leading me and letting me be aware of the sin that I am doing. He even used people closest to mine to rebuke, remind and give grace to me like what Jesus is doing. And with that conviction, I finally make decision to cut the things that is hindering me for God’s blessings. Even though it was so painful, I obey

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