There are really moments in our lives that we tend to look upon a word that will surely describe how we feel. Yet language is limited. As I look upon words that will surely give description upon what I feel, somehow someone lead me to look upon these words, YŪGEN.

Awareness of things, situations in the world that we may not realize. A time to reflect and be aware.

This article is for you.

In life a person will really perish if they will just let themselves become a “go with the flow” person. That can kind of “go with a flow” person I am pertaining to is a kind of person that does not reflect or assess anything that is happening in their lives.
Make a habit of assessing and surely ourselves will never be mislead but eventually will lead us into excellence, thus assessing will also help us if the path that we are walking to is the right path by which God wants for us to take.

It is true when they say,

“Do not forget God when you received what you’ve been praying for”

Looking back on the things, days and even moments that your heart was really grieving over something to God. It reminded us of how much we depend and trust God through the process. There are really sleepless nights because we are just outpouring unto God the desires of ours heart. We can’t do anything just to trust God and believe that He will do mighty things in our lives, but somehow along the line we become impatient into Him, but we never let ourselves be lost and we realigned ourselves again, ask God’s forgiveness because we tend to become impatient. But God indeed is a faithful God. Even though most of the times we become impatient, He “still gives that desires of our hearts.”

There were lot of stories of people who are praying to God like; “LORD! please give me a work”, “LORD! Give me a house”, “LORD! Give me someone.”, “LORD! give me a phone” and so many kinds of prayers as if God is not a God but a Genie whom in the stories are wish giver. In those moments we can see the attribute of God, that He is a faithful and merciful God. He indeed answers our prayers. When those prayers came through, may you not forget the Lord who blessed you. Luke 17:1 says ” There will always be temptations to sin” the enemy can use those blessings for you to be tempted not to do your devotions, not to be so hidden to the Lord, not to spent time with Him, and get the most precious moments with you which is your relationship unto the Lord Jesus Christ.

We can also say that sometimes,

“Not all blessings are blessings, sometimes it is testing”

Be more prayerful. Something is happening when we are praying. Be more dependent into His words, be deeper into God. Surely, God will increase your gift of discernment through things whether it is in a situation and most especially in informations. You will never be mislead, you will not forget God when you received what you pray for.

There is power when we

Due to hectic schedules sometime we tend not to talk to God. Making a Pause is simply a reminder for us to slow down on things that we are doing.

Since, God is a God who really love to draw and show himself to us, He really wants us to have a time for Him and with the situation that we have right now, It is God’s heart for us to come back to Him. Hosea 12:6 says, So now, come back to your God. Act with love and justice, and always depend on him.

God is being so patient for all of us.

Let us come back to the Lord. His arms are wide open for us and always waiting for us.

The situation we have right now is allowed by God for us to make pause. Not just for Himself, but for our family and for ourselves. The power we have when we pause is we become more powerful, bold and courageous when we continue the things we doing. Enjoy every moment of the days we have to rest because surely after this pause, we all go back on the things we are doing.


One of the things that I assess is that the power of declaration. Everything happened and started just in the Words. When God says, “Let there be light”, the light comes. When God declared something, it happens.

May we always remember that

Instead of declaring negative things in yourself or other people’s lives, let us be more accountable to declare good things for them. Our good words will encourage them and give them hope. Let our words be a flower instead of trash.

When we declare over for something and someone it is not just them that strengthens but also us.

Of all people there is really one person that will always declare good things over your life and I know someone. Metamorphically saying, for me she was a sunflower that gives sunshine for all people’s grey skies. Whenever I see a sunflower it reminds me of her and it reminds me that I as a person must also speak good things over a person’s life.

I also knew a person who always declare negative things on herself and the result, she became stagnant, blessings are blocked because of the words declared in her life.

You see, there is really power when we speak. There is really power when we declare.

The tongue can bring death or life; those who love to talk will reap the consequences.
Proverbs 18:21

The words that will come out into our mouth are either to bring life or destroy.

If you’re not going to speak good things, just don’t speak either.

Last on my assessment.

I need the Lord,

rather WE need the Lord

Typing the next words to be said, I am being touched by the Holy Spirit. We all need God.

Whether we are believers or unbelievers.


More than the air we breath, we need the Lord.

More than the songs we’ve sing, we need the Lord.

More than the next heartbeat, we need the Lord

More than anything, we need the Lord.

As a Christian, I know how it feels to know everyday in my life that I need the Lord. I’m not perfect, I stumble and fall. I always struggle against myself, my mind and sin but like to me, God is Merciful to forgive us and give us another chance to strive for His Glory and faithful to process us into Christlikeness.

A life without God, is not life at all.

As we still have the time remain here in this world, Beloved, I plead you to come to Him. Come back to Him and accept Him into your Life as your Lord and Savior. I know there’s a hole in your heart that will never ever be fulfilled even if its popularity, social media, achievements none of them can fulfill you.

Only JESUS can fill you.

Only JESUS can satisfy you.

Only JESUS can make you whole.

If your heart cries out for the Lord right now, and feels the same way. I invite you to pray with me right now. Pray sincerly in your hearts.

“Heavenly Father, As I come in to you. Let you may be the one to move on this moment. I thank you for you always there for me ever since my life begun. I accept your Son, Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I thank you for a new life. Fill me Lord Jesus. Make me complete Jesus. And I Thank You Lord Jesus. I give you Praise and Glory in Jesus Name I pray, Amen.”

The article was just about the assessment but I came to be like this. I thank you for reading this article. I pray that it may continue to minister into your life.

Like the title itself, YŪGEN, there were lots of what I feel and realized that I want to put in words. But there will never be enough words to describe it. Thank You and God bless!

To God be all the Glory!

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