Many authors, writers or bloggers grab the opportunity of lockdown to fill the spaces of their websites posting blogs and articles. Many months passed the passion to write and the ideas where all out. But that was just my thought. It is still there, the thing is that you’re not using it or you do not have the courage to create one.
Even though a lot of things happened, still God’s grace didn’t change. HEY IT’S BEEN A WHILE.

How are you? Imagining of you makes me smile. I hope you are still doing good. I hope you still persevering. I hope you still fighting.
Yes things this past few months may be really hard to bear. Physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, and spiritually yes it was all hard. Everything became physically limited, the places we can go. The limited person can go out and everything. Before each and everyone of us do not need to wear face mask but now it is mandatory protection. Mentally speaking, second hard battle to fight with is in mental aspect. Most specially when we live here on the Philippines where depression and anxieties are just wanting for attention. Many people break down. They did not carry all things that is lurking in their minds. Emotionally, it was really exhausting. Some days you may felt like you just wanted to disappear bearing the mixed emotions you have. Financially, every average and poor people struggle with this one, and I hope we all learn the importance of saving that we can use in times like this. Most specially spiritually, it was the first and greatest battles, most of believers struggle. Some remain faithful and stablish great relationship with the Lord, some are now wandering on the wilderness of their lives, many go back home with Christ.

I know that it has been a while since then. But can I open my heart first to you before I go further? Thank you.
First I really wanted to say sorry for not keeping touch with you. I am sorry that I can’t do anything because of the series of events that happened this fast few months. Today as you read every words here, I really meant it. Thank you for smiling knowing you’re happy to see this blog once again. Thank you for not giving up. Thank you for unending support to every words and details that I’m sharing to you. Even though I had a lot of shortcomings, I know and I can still improve it, little by little. It’s been a while and yes I do really miss you. So let’s get it on?

I have few things I want to share to you what are the realizations and random lessons that I’ve learned this pass few months.

1. Knowing your limitations and personal boundaries.

We are not Wonder Woman nor Superman who have both powers to do beyond limitations. We are still mere humans that sometimes being pushed through our own limits and personal boundaries. Mostly if we always make ourselves available for other people. Well yes, that thing it is really draining. Been there so many times and still struggling to say no. But I know each and everyone of us can still grow. Knowing my personal boundaries lead me to know more about where to put my effort, time and energy. If it was toxicity, I tell you honestly, I won’t bother to listen for it anymore. We all admit that there are really people who mostly drains our energy, giving and leading us to have emotion driven spirit, simply giving us negative vibe. I learned not to exert “too much” for them, I’ve learned to cut them off. Casually treating them, silently praying for them, and genuinely being happy for them. Applying the verse

“Above all else guard your heart for it determines the course of your life.” Proverbs 4:23

I’ve learned that this verse is not just for romantic one but also appliacable for everything.
Guarding our hearts is simply filtering everything, and part of setting boundaries, simply means you are guarding your life. Setting boundaries is healthy, I tell you honestly, it is really healthy. It will help you survive more relationships with people and I hope we all grow and learn all together on this journey. God loves us so much that he doesn’t want us to settle for relationship that can be too much.

2. The more you age, the more you desire for peace of mind and silence.

Time will really come that you no longer the old you fighting to explain everything to other people what was happening in your life. All you want is silence and peace of mind. Letting them think whatever they wanted to think, and say whatever they wanted to say. You know that you do not need to explain everything because in the first place, their thoughts, stories and judgements are already fixed and even though you explain that is the end. The more we are much focused on the Lord, and the more we know who we really are, those voices doesn’t bother you anymore.
And one part of this scenario is that we are mostly on the stage of adulting. Adulting is really quite challenging because of the different kinds of responsibilities each and everyone is doing and after all of that all we pray and hope is a rest of silence and peace of mind that his world cannot give.
You also no longer crave for the world’s approval. You no longer want the world but the silence with God. We can learn here also what Ecclesiastes 3:7 says,

” There is a time to be silent and a time to speak”

It’s too tiresome to speak and speak always and part of wanting and desiring for peace is that learning to speak at the proper time.
And lastly for this point, the best cure for the body is a quiet mind. We tend to be drown on anxieties and fears that can lead to bad health condition, when our mind is good condition we can be assured that we are being happy and functioning well. So I hope may we all learn again to pursue peace of mind and silence and not the noise and negativity of this world.

3. Keep everything lowkey.

Live privately, date privately, eat and travel privately, serve the Lord privately, keep everything lowkey, be broken privately and glow up amazingly.
The more people who you allowed to share your life with, the more chances your life will be in danger. There is really difference between glorifying God and just showing off. Not every people will be genuinely happy for you and your achievements, some will still envy you, bash you and say something to you. Yes you are being out of it, but still may you always remember that your life must not be an open book for everyone. Yes we are ought to share our lives to everyone as we live and believe in Christ yet still again may you keep everything private. Do not try to please people with your achievements, with what you’re doing most specially in serving the Lord, you do not need to tell the world because it is still more than enough to show and do it all for the Lord and not for people. In the end the best lines we may want to hear coming from the Lord.
“Well done my good and faithful servant”
Stop trying to impress people. We can always rejoice and be grateful without showing it to other people because once you become satisfied for God’s approval, you will no longer crave for the world’s approval.

4. Learn to whom you’re going to trust.

Trustworthy people are also worthy of keeping for and treasuring for. Other than the Lord, there are still people that is in your life which can truly be trustworthy. Not every people will stay true to you. Some have different faces when in front of you, and other faces when they turn their backs on you. It was really hard at first to conquer and bounce back from the feeling of betrayal. Been there so many times and the feeling is the still same, unbearable. You are trusting that person so much yet some news came to you that the thing you shared to that person already spread, what a situation.
I will not also deny the fact that later years of my life I am not trustworthy, I repented for that and willingly changed for it and I gave God all the glory. It may be quiet challenging to become trustworthy one but by God’s grace we became one.
While I’m typing this, an idea came from the bible appeared to me. It was the time where Jesus is on his years ministering on people. He had his 3 inner circles: Peter, James, and John. Which he intimately shares everything. Wow! What a great idea. That idea is teaching us that all we need is few people which we can fully trust and the rest have different level of relationship we can give to them; casually and as a friend. Blessedly, God molded my inner circle and I am forever be grateful for their lives. Trust is one of the things that we cannot easily fixed once it was broken, so we may better learn to know whom we are going to trust.

5. Be real. Be you.

You are more beautiful and handsome when you became you. This is the time to fully express who you really are. Not thinking about what other people will say, not listening to the lies of the enemies, not being true even to yourself. You are unique one, the number of your hairs is probably different to other one, the shape of your nails, the shape of your nose, the way you perceive things you are unique. You and I was designed by God fearfully and wonderfully made. I could still remember the time when I was just 16-19 years old, it was very crucial for me. That was the time I am wandering and struggling who really am I. Identity confusion. If you will not push yourself to know the real you, people will abuse you. You will be always confused. You will remain  unknown even to your own self. Be yourself and let other people see the real imperfect, quirky, weird, beautiful and magical a person you are. You are God’s masterpiece. You are precious in his eyes. Let your light shine beloved.

6. Do not compete.

In life, there is really no such thing as competition with other people’s lives.


I have this question that I always ask, “Why is this person being like this in my life?” With some people’s assessment, I had the chance to know that, “Oh it’s not just me seeing it”. What I mean here is, some areas in life seems to be a competition for that person. Me having an intimate relationship with someone, and that person confronts it. You can really discern if that person has something for you most specially if it is visible and what I’ve saw was envy. Then I told myself, “why that person is envious with my life, yet here I am still studying, not yet achieving something?” Most of the time I always ask why.
I hate it when someone treats me like a threat. Like hello, we are champions and we are victors yet why you’re thinking such things like that?!

May we all not compete and compare our lives to somebody else. I hate competition. I hate what is yours, that is why I do not compete.
May you be focus on the Lord and the track your running off because the more you look on others, the more you cannot reach the goal. Be patient enough trusting God that he is doing an amazing things in your life. Remain faithful and be still knowing God has so much in stored in your life. You are not being late, you are not delayed, you are just on your own time.

7. You are loving a person if you are praying for them.

The greatest act of all to show love to somebody else is through praying. Without the notice of that person you’ve been praying for, that is a great thing you can fully show that you love them. Since most of us doesn’t seeing each other face to face, the bond is being less, but still we can do more by praying for them.
I know someone who really adore and prays for someone else. What he is doing is that is person is doing is having conversation through prayer as a sign of communication. Aw, simply loving a person through praying for it. That is why I am always thankful for, because I know someone out there is praying for me and that drives me to continue and not give up on life. There’s a lot of benefits when we pray that is why may we all never stop praying.

8. Do not be afraid when God removes something again in your life.

This reminds me of some lyrics in Blessed be your Name song. “YOU GIVE AND TAKE AWAY, MY HEART WILL CHOOSE TO SAY, THAT BLESSED BE YOUR NAME”
May we all have that kind of heart when some twists and plots happen again in our lives. Like what had happen to me, someone came into my life again and again he left, it was too good to be true. I really prayed for it, ask lots of promises and word of the Lord and in the end God take it away but its not about the blessing of God anymore, but it is about the giver of the blessings. Never be afraid to face life when something is being remove but rather be more grateful for that situation is protection.

9. When there is no one else to run and cry to, God is there willingly ang wholeheartedly listening to all of us.

Have you ever felt that you’re alone when hardships come? I guess all of us felt that. But we have God who pursues us and enjoys fellowship and relationship with us. The moment we are on at worsts he remains on our side. He is crying with us, accompanying us. When we are joyful he also rejoices with us. He is always there.
Either way maybe this one happened to your life. You did a terrible sin but instead of hiding from God because of shame why not run to God not to the alcohol, not to the drugs, not to the person, run to God because he heals.
In Christ there is no condemnation but may we all  desire to repent on our wrong doings totally and not emotionally. May we always choose to first and last to God. May we all continue to depend on him. May we all live with God.

10. Be intimate with God

The question I always ask also to myself “How can be I intimate with my relationship with God?” This few months every time I am going to assess everything what was happening, at the end of it I realized the greatest role Jesus is doing for all of us. He is the one who brings us closer to God. Without him we are nothing.

Intimacy of God requires something sacrificial. Your time, effort, love, attention. We are destined to know God even more while we are here on the earth and knowing someone, we must be with that someone.
It creates a grateful heart knowing God longs for fellowship with all of us. Pray more, read the bible more, do less and be more, apply his words even more that is the best thing we can do to be closer to God.
Hide yourself even more to God so that people may continue to see God in your life.

Even though it’s been a while I hope all of us is growing and maturing in life and spiritually. May we all number our days while we are here on earth. May we never faint on doing good. May we continue to give grace like what God is doing. May we all want God’s heart to be like ours. May we all continue to seek God.
Whenever you’re about to give up may you always think of this..

I hope and I pray that you learned something. If is applicable for you grab it, if not filter it.

Before I end, I want you do something. List down also five things you’ve learn and leads you to grow. While your listing down I know the Holy Spirit will guide you, and he will reveal much more to you.
Beloved, smile.

To God be all the Highest Glory!

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