THE STORY OF HER (เรื่องราวของเธอ)

Before her life began, He already knew her. He’s the one who saw her growing on her mother’s womb. He’s the one who we’re forming every little detail features about her. He is the one who created her.

Exactly 10:06 A.M last MARCH 13,1999.
He smiled that his creation finally come out on this world and named “AIMIE MEI” which means ‘Beloved Beautiful’.

He guides her as she grows.. even though she is not aware of that, he kept on guiding her.
He did good things and permitted bad things to happen in her life as she grows.

At the young age of 6,7 and 8 she thought that living is just a little piece of cake because she thought it was easy. She felt then to live seems like a rich one, lacking on nothing they had fancy clothes, lots of foods, a car, and a big house. then all of a sudden everything start to become complicated.

At the age of 9 and 10. That was the time she become more aware of what was happening all around. She became mad when she saw her mother having lots of bruises all did by her father. That was the time she finally become mad at her father and into her life.

Slowly by slowly everything seems going to turn into a real nightmare.

Things passed by good things even bad things still happening into her life.

At the age of 11, 12, Her heart becomes too tough enough for her young age. Hatred arouse in her heart as she continue to had a bad mentally of being mad at her dad.

At the age of 13 her life begun to shattered into many pieces. Her Mother died due to attacked of hypertension. Everything was full of heartaches, painful moments and events (nightmares) in her life. She was on Project 4 Quezon, City that time when all that things happened, noticing that she was there and her family was on Batangas. The last time she and her mom talked was last April 25, 2013. Her mother told her “Nak! mag-aaral ng mabuti ha. Miss kana ng Mama, magpapakabait ha, MAHAL NA MAHAL KITA! Siya magpapahinga na ang mama ha..” and the call was ended. And the day after that, she died. Since she doesn’t know what was really happen, she become more mad on life and everyone. After that very painful moment of her life things become crucial for her to bear even more. Her father becomes alcoholic, her sisters have their own families. Her father also had a new wife after 6 months. SHE WAS LEFT ALONE. Television (Phineas and Ferb) and school become her companion. She then felt that there was no one to love her that’s why SHE LOOKED FOR “LOVE”.

At the age of 14 she become a drunkard lady, and put her self into a peer relationship. Since she thought that she was really loved by her boyfriend, she decided to give everything to him. It lasts for 2 years and 2 months and suddenly it was gone like a tinny bubble.  As she was on her Older sister’s guidance, she didn’t contacted her father, she doesn’t what was happening to her. Last week of March 2015 something riot happened into her older  sister’s family. Everything was wasted, everything was ruined, everything seems too hard for her to bare. And that scenario leaded her to come back to her father.

 He, his creator allowed her to feel broken, for her own good.

He planned, that at the age of 16 she may come to Him, knew Him, accept Him and be aware that there is one “HE” who loves her so much. That time she didn’t know that her father was already a Christian through the help of her step brother. Her step brother, step mother and her father invited her to attend on a Sunday Service last April 05,2015 at JESUS NEW CREATION INTERNATIONAL CHURCH BALAYAN CHAPTER. That was the very first time she cried a lot knowing that she was on her true “HOME”. 

He always embrace her, always saying that she’s forever love.
He’s still doing everything for her good. He still processing her to become the woman he wants. He is the one who kept on reigning in her life.
As she knew the existence of one God in her life, she began to know more about him. That at end of the day it is always been about HIM  the one who created the heavens and earth, the one true living God.

That “she” was Me the owner and creator of these website.

Even though my sins was so great God’s love for me was greater.

I was once lost but now I am found. 💞

By His grace I have been saved through faith in Christ Jesus. Ephesians 2:28 💞

And if anyone is in Christ she is a new creator, the old was gone and new life has begun. 1 Corinthians 5:17 🌹

My past Ended and the beginning of her life with Christ begun. 💮💐🌈